a graphical user interface for the R-package TIMP


Glotaran 1.5.1

These downloads should work under all version of Linux, Mac OS X and version that support Java 7 or higher.

The Java Virtual Machine can be downloaded from


Installer for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows are available and can be downloaded here:

Note: uninstall the previous version of Glotaran before installing a newer version.

Detailed installation instruction can be found here.

Portable zip

OS Independent Zip (needs only Java Run Time Environment installed)
Extract to any location on disk, then run the executable from the bin folder. You can use this download if you have problems running the installer on your system (for instance if you lack certain administrator rights).

Source Code

The source code for Glotaran 1.5.x is available from the source code repository at github.

Version History

2015-02-11 - Ver 1.5.1

2013-05-17 - Ver 1.3

2012-01-13 - Ver 1.2

2011-08-19 - Ver 1.1 for Mac OS X 10.6

2010-11-15 - Ver 1.0.1

2010-10-11 - Ver 1.0.0

2010-10-01 - Ver 1.0.0 RC 3

2009-12-17 - Ver 0.2.1

2009-11-26 - Ver 0.2.0